Cubs Ryan Dempster Awards LV Student Playoff Tickets

Posted Tuesday, October 20, 2015

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Former Chicago Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster visited Lake View High School and awarded Sophomore Arturo  Herrera tickets to the Cubs NLDS Playoffs for him and his family. While sitting in 4th-period class, Arturo was called into the principal’s office over the school’s loudspeaker.
Arturo was completely shocked to see that it was Ryan Dempster and Clark the Cub in the office waiting for him with four playoff tickets. The tickets were courtesy of Major League Baseball and our Lakeview neighbors, the Chicago Cubs.
Before exiting, Clark the Cub performed with our own Lake View Cheerleaders to highlighting the wonderful relationship Lake View High School and the Chicago Cubs Organization have shared over the years. This includes the Cubs Care Organization, along with the Kerry Wood Family Foundation which recently funded and built the new state of the art baseball field where Lake View will host its home games.
You can view more of the media attention that this event drew to Lake View and the Cubs in the links below.




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