Tyrese Graham, STEM AP, on Hour of Code at LVHS

Posted Friday, December 09, 2016

In our modern society, advances in technology are fast paced and constant.  As educators, we must stop and contemplate the skills and critical thinking necessary for our students to develop in using technology and creating technology.  December 5-11th is globally recognized as Computer Science Education Week (CSEd Week). During this week, students at LVHS participated in Hour of Code activities where they dedicated at least one hour in many of their classes to learning how to use different computer languages to solve problems in that subject area. Students coded in Algebra, Astronomy, Exploring Computer Science and several other courses.  We asked them to do this to not only learn a specific coding language, but to help them appreciate how Computer Scientists use critical thinking skills to solve problems that enrich our lives and influence the technological advances of our world.

CSEd Week is only the beginning of LVHS’s commitment to preparing our students for the 21st century workforce. We’ve joined the Computer Science for All Consortium and were acknowledged for our commitment in a recent White House Announcement by President Obama. As a STEM school, LVHS is committed to exposing our students to Computer Science, coding, and 21st Century Skills and Habits. We know that the post-secondary environment in which our students will soon find themselves will continue to evolve.  Furthermore, we know that the best way to prepare them for success is to ensure that they are able to persevere, challenge the status quo and think outside the box when they find themselves in challenging situations; these are all things that Computer Scientists do on a daily basis.



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