30 Lake View High School Students Headed to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Posted Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A few U of I-bound seniors, pictured above, from bottom clockwise: Estelle F; Maria A; Kevin B; Gustavo B; Rebecca S,JadidH; Atilcan M.
A few U of I-bound seniors, pictured above, from bottom clockwise: Estelle F; Maria A; Kevin B; Gustavo B; Rebecca S,JadidH; Atilcan M.

LVHS Principal Cheers for Students Heading to his Alma Mater

Like many high schools this time of year, the hallways at LVHS are full of students “Repping,” -- that is, representing their university choices through their sweatshirts, water bottles, and other college-bound gear.

“Repping is cool”, says Atil M, one of 30 LVHS seniors who will soon make U of I at Urbana-Champaign his home, majoring in Industrial Engineering. “I like repping.”

Seeing U of I so well-represented at LVHS (even before the second round of acceptance letters has arrived) has special meaning to principal Scott Grens a proud U of I alum. “Our students head off to a lot of different colleges after graduation, and I’m really excited for these thirty students. I know firsthand what they’re about to experience academically. I’m proud of them.”

Many of the LVHS grads will major in STEM fields, joining a program that boasts recent graduates such as Martin Eberhard (Tesla co-Founder), Max Levchin (PayPal founder), Steve Cand Jawed Karim (YouTube founders), as well as other notables.

Jadid H, who will study Civil Engineering, says that U of I’s top-five ranking in the field made it a clear choice. “I like the concept of applying mathematics and sciences, so that’s one reason I’ve chosen engineering.” Jadid also notes with a smile that U of I is “Far enough away from Chicago that you can get away, but close enough that I can drop off my laundry on weekends.”

Estelle F says that an LVHS teacher was a strong influence in her choice to major in Biology. “My interest started because of my Biology teacher Ms. Marcus. After I did well in that subject, I chose to extend my studies to AP Chemistry as well.”

Influences in college choice at LVHS come from family members, too. “My sister-in-law went there, and says it’s a great program, “ comments Maria A. “She also told me that U of I is a well-rounded school across departments.”

Kevin B, who is planning to study Architecture, was swayed by his sister, a U of I student. She sold him on the ‘wide open’ spaces on campus, which provide a soothing counterpoint to life in Chicago, according to Kevin.

When asked about dealing with the new demands of a heavier workload and greater freedom, students were confident. “I’m in AP classes, and sports and clubs at LVHS, and that has taught me to manage my life,” says Kevin. “I’m taking a lot of AP classes, and they can be self-guided…without independent learning, I wouldn’t have gotten where I want to go.”

Gustavo B, who will study Biology before entering a Med program, embraces the independence facing him. “I’m good at being independent, but now I’ll finally be able to observe the decisions I make on my own. All these years of high school and working on my studies will now pay off.”

Atil sums up what he’ll carry forward from LVHS this way: “Between the experiences of AP, sports, afterschool clubs, and everything else at Lake View, we may find that as we change as people, and our interests change, we’re more open with our resources and opportunities because of our high school experience.”

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SAIC Scholarship

Posted Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Self-Portrait in scratchboard, by Jenna K.
Self-Portrait in scratchboard, by Jenna K.

Artist Spotlight

Senior Jenna K. is in contention for a Merit Scholarship The School of the Art Institute of Chicago based on her submitted art portfolio.

Q. How does it feel to have SAIC as an option for college? 
It feels good, it is one the most prestigious art schools in the U.S. You know, I wasn’t even going to apply. I never expected to receive the amount of positive feedback that I did on my artwork from anyone, let alone SAIC. It is very validating. It’s a pretty amazing feeling, kind of hard to describe. It’s just really exciting. 

Q. Can you describe your body of artwork?
I work mainly in charcoal. The whole theme behind my artwork is body image. I think that society and media portray this insanely false perception of how people should look. My artwork focuses, without being so straight forward and in your face, on the struggles people have with their own bodies. I would never want to make a piece of art that doesn’t make someone feel something, art is my form communication. If my art gets through to people then I’m over the moon. 

Q. What other areas of interest do you have?
For a very long time my passion has been in music. It’s actually something very few people know about me! I sing and play guitar. Its been one of the most important things in my life. I have a very musical family, I’m constantly surrounded by it, so it was sort of inevitable for me to have such a huge passion for it. I plan on majoring in music in college. I also love to act; as a kid, my sister and I used to get together with some of our cousins and video tape these little sketches. We were super young, so looking back at those home videos is really amazing. Fashion is also pretty awesome. I’m planning on taking some fashion design classes in college!

Q. Can you talk about how AP Portfolio and Drawing/Painting Studio have supported your development as an artist?
AP Portfolio and Drawing/ Painting Studio has influenced me so greatly in my development as an artist. It’s actually pretty funny, the only reason I chose AP Portfolio was because my sister was in the class a few years back. I had no idea I could create the kind of artwork I’ve been creating. I only started making art last year for my Honors Art 1 class. I’m not one of those people that have been making art since they could put pen to paper. These classes have unlocked this hidden talent I had. I never knew I had this talent in me. 

Q. What positive changes have you seen at LVHS this year?
The atmosphere is really different, I’ve been at Lake View all four years of high school and compared to how it used to be, Lake View has never been this positive. 

Q. What Superpower would you choose and Why?
Probably to be able to teleport, I want to travel all over the world. I mean, if I had that power I wouldn’t have to worry about plane rides or anything!

Q. Why is art important to society?
Art is the sole connection between people from all corners of the world. Art is so important. If you have that ability, if you can make art and make people feel something, then make art. It takes courage and passion and talent and if you have that, you have the ability to change the course of everything. To answer the question, art is very very very important.



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