LVHS trip to Pecatonica (WI) HS


Thursday, April 27, 2017

This event has a Google Hangouts video call. Join:

The Social Justice Club, with sponsor Brian Wittenwyler & AP Meghan Sovell, will be traveling to Pecatonica, WI to embark upon a cultural exchange of sorts.  The Social Justice Club was prompted to do something after a devise election in November.  Seeking to understand and unearth myths and misunderstandings, they are leaving an area that voted primarily Democrat to learn what life is like in a county that voted primarily Republican.  In turn, they will be hosting high school students from Pecatonica, WI at LVHS next month.  Mr. Talley is going with them to document the exchange with a mini-documentary. 

The Social Justice Club says this is "an important step in bringing the country together."  As if this wasn't cool enough already, WBEZ's Education Reporter, Becky Vevea is going with them! 

Stay tuned to our website & social media for a full story. 

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