Message From the Principal

August 31, 2016

Dear Lake View Families,

The floors are gleaming, the lockers are empty, and the smell of fresh pencil shavings fills the air. I hope you’re as excited as we are about the start of school! Teachers are working hard to make sure that students have challenging, engaging work in every class from Algebra I through Dual-Credit (college) Spanish, and our coaches and teams are already practicing and competing in fall sports. And although Lake View is still HOME for our students and staff, there are some changes I wanted to let you know about:

New Bell Schedule

We have a new bell schedule! For 2016-17, the bell schedule is as follows:



















We believe this schedule has several advantages—beating the morning rush hour, getting out earlier for athletics, clubs, and jobs—but we encourage students and families to strategize about how to adjust to the earlier start!

New Tardy Policies

We know that buses sometimes run late, alarm clocks occasionally fail, and that even with the best intentions, it’s possible to wind up at school late. But regular tardiness to school or class disrupts everyone’s learning. The policies below are designed to address tardiness before it becomes a habit:

  1. Students who are tardy to school more than twice in one week, without a valid excuse, will be required to report to a meeting with a parent or guardian at 7:15 AM Friday. Those meetings will help students and families address logistical issues getting in the way of arriving on time.
  2. Students who are two or more minutes late to class will be required to attend a similar meeting (the first time).
  3. Students who miss these mandatory meetings will be scheduled for Saturday detention and possible further consequences.

New Faces

We are excited to welcome several new staff members, including the following:


  • Deidre Jordan
  • Karen Krausen-Ferrer
  • Stephanie Righeimer


  • Erin Unander
  • Brandon Rehayem


  • Anne Gallery


  • Brian Chilver
  • Theo Pinson

Social Studies

  • Christina Franklin
  • Amy Kozy

World Language

  • Marissa Cavallini
  • Valerie Wadycki

Community & Student Affairs

  • Melizabeth Santos

Associate Dean of Students

  • Michael McKenzie

Assistant Dean of Students/Athletic Director

  • Steven Romo

Chief Engineer

  • Don DeSanti

Same Old Spirit

We’re excited for a great year in Lake View Athletics. The Football team has their homecoming game on Saturday, September 24th at Lane Stadium. Kick-off is 3:45 PM—don’t miss it! (And our homecoming dance is Friday, September 23rd—stay tuned for information about tickets!)

As I said at the outset, we hope you’re as excited as we are for the 2016-17 school year. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Go Wildcats!