Winning Wildcats Week #33

Winning Wildcats Week #33

  • Uzair Ahmed, Desiree Lara, and Cavan Malayter won Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals (respectively) at the Illinois Junior Academy of Sciences State Science Fair!

  • Girls Softball beat Schurz 26-3 (no, that’s not a typo) and Prosser 6-2!

  • Boys’ Baseball beat Northside College Prep 12-2 and again 22-2 (also not a typo).

  • Melissa Zagorski won a BEST science research fellowship to work at UIC labs over the summer. She will be studying how to use xenon gas to improve MRI scans of lungs, which could impact people with tuberculosis, pneumonia, lung cancer, and other diseases of the lung.

  • Marissa Cavallini won a ACTFL travel and education fellowship to spend two weeks in Salmanca, Spain!

  • Boys City Tack & Field: Ethan Breen placed 6th in the 800 and 7th in the 1600. Miguel Ageyi placed 2nd in the 110 hurdles and 4th in the 300 hurdles. Harvey Montgomery placed 6th in triple jump.