Why Wait For a School To Choose You?

While you are waiting to be selected by a school, consider making a selection of your own. Students at Lake View High School receive support in courses designed to discover interests and encourage skill development. With courses at
multiple levels, including AP and Dual Enrollment, students achieve mastery and earn college credit in each subject
to prepare for the future. Whether interested in Computer Programming, Biotechnology, Law, Photography, or Jazz,
students can learn in different ways and explore high-interest topics. With a wide range of options across all disciplines. Lake View High School is committed to connecting with students to deliver an ideal high school experience.

The Choice Is Lake View High School

Lake View High School fosters a sense of intellectual curiosity with a strong STEM, Humanities, and Music & Visual Arts based curriculum. The academic and extracurricular opportunities prepare all students for college success by exploring student interest. As a neighborhood school, students also experience true community thanks to diverse friendships and opportunities for involvement with 30% of the student body playing one or more sport.