Why? We live in a world full of visual images. Everywhere we turn, we are making meaning out of colors, lines, shapes and forms through advertising, entertainment, and news. In addition, we also make visual choices about how to beautify our personal spaces and selves. The ability to not only recognize and read visuals, but the skills needed to effectively communicate using visuals are at the heart of being a 21st century student, worker, and global citizen. We must all embrace the culture of innovation and imagination.

Who? The Visual Arts mission is to embrace and teach any motivated student: whether they are the eager artist with little skill, the emerging artist with developing skill or the gifted artist with considerable skill. Our only expectation is that students work hard and trust that creativity is learnable, and therefore, teachable.

How? Initially, students will find their visual voices through exploration and mastery of different artistic methods and materials. As students build a strong foundation of abilities, courses will rely less on teaching students how to communicate, and will investigate and facilitate what ideas they want to communicate through reflection of self, peers and process. Students will be encouraged to participate in a culminating experience class, such as Advanced Placement Portfolio or Capstone Seminar. These classes will allow truly meaningful and independent demonstration of visual expertise and purpose through collaboration, presentation and personal expression.