Tech Crew

Staff  Sponsors: Gerena-Franco & Starzyk

Student Sponsors: Benjamin Hernandez (F), Tania Zamora (Sph), Maria Solis (Sph), Busola Osundairo (Sph), Alex Kisslinger (Sph),Oleh Lemishka( J), Tristian Berger (J), Stephanie (J)

Room: 102

Meeting TImes: Tues & Thurs 3:45 - 5

The purpose of the club is to have student explore their knowledge on Technology through a range of different competitions. In addition, our goal is to help students get computer certifications, and help them complete learning service hours as they assist with computer related issues at Lake View.

Building and Fixing Computers, Going to Technology Competition, Getting Computer Certified, and Learn the newest Technology Crave.