The Importance of a College Prep Curriculum

Most colleges have a set of basic curriculum requirements for applicants. Almost all colleges prefer a traditional and college preparatory curriculum. As a Lake View High School graduate, your high school courses are considered as College Preparatory courses.

Listed below are course requirements for the four different types of colleges. Because college expectations may change from year to year, use the academic prerequisites only as general minimum guidelines and obtain specific information directly for the college.


Units Subjects

4      English (Literature and Writing)

3      Social Studies (U.S. & World History and Government)

3      Mathematics (Algebra, Geometry, and Advanced Algebra/Trig)

3      Science (All Laboratory Science)

2      Foreign Language (2 years of same language)

2      Music, Art or Vocational Education

2      Physical Education

Four Types of College Requirements

Public Universities 

English 4yrs                               

Mathematics 3-4yrs                  

Science 3yrs                             

Social Studies 3yrs                   

*Academic Electives 2yrs  

Private 4 Year Colleges

English 4yrs

Mathematics 4yrs

Science 3-4yrs

Social Studies 3-4yrs

*Academic Electives 2 yrs

Foreign Language 2-4yrs

Social Science 3-4yrs

*Academic Electives 2yrs

Highly Selective Colleges

English 4 yrs

Mathematics 4 yrs

Foreign Language 4yrs              

Lab Science 4yrs             


Community Colleges

Varies from open-door admission policy to selective admission

for particular courses as specified by different departments


* Academic Electives can be Art, Foreign Languages, Music or Vocational Educational Courses.