Health Center Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the Health Center?
The Health Center may be used by all Lake View students. Students are required to have their parent or guardian complete and sign the consent and registration forms. However, the Health Center respects Illinois law that guarantees confidentiality to students seeking specific areas of health care.

Does my child need my permission to use the Health Center?
The Health Center staff considers parental involvement very important. Students are encouraged to involve their parents/guardians in health care decisions. There are specific areas, however, in which confidentiality is guaranteed to the student by law and this will be followed.

How do you make an appointment?
The Health Center is open Monday-Friday from 8AM-3PM. Students can stop by during their lunch periods to schedule an appointment. Fully completed consent and registration forms must be on file in the Health Center or turned in at the time of the appointment for the student to be seen by Health Center staff.

What does it cost to use the Health Center?
Medical services, such as physicals, immunizations, and sick visits, will be billed to your insurance (All Kids, Medicaid, private insurance) at the time of service. You can also pay for medical services with cash or check. Families are encouraged to contact the Health Center if they do not currently have health insurance and/or are unable to pay for medical services. We will assist with the All Kids enrollment process or explore other options if needed. In addition, the Health Center offers many free services including health education, mental health services, and other special programs.

My child has private insurance, what will he/she have to pay to use the Health Center?
Any student who is covered by private insurance must turn in a copy of the insurance card to the Health Center. The student will need to pay any co-pay required by his/her private insurance at the time of the appointment, excluding urgent care. Payment for services at the Health Center will be applied toward a deductible if required. If the student does not have proof of insurance or the co-pay at the time of the appointment, the appointment will be rescheduled. If it is determined that the student needs immediate medical attention, the student will be billed for medical services rendered.

My child does not have any health insurance. Can he/she still use the Health Center?
Medical services can be paid for with cash or check. Health Center staff can refer you to a person who can assist you with applying for All Kids. Health Center staff will help you with this process in any way they can. Urgent care will never be withheld. The Health Center aims to provide care to all students regardless of ability to pay. Health Center staff will work with you to make arrangements so your child can benefit from the services provided by the Health Center.