LV Travelers Club Visits Italy and Spain

April 17, 2017

LVHS at Ponte Sant'Angelo over Spring Break 2017.

LVHS at Ponte Sant'Angelo over Spring Break 2017.

Spring Break is a much deserved change of pace for hard-working Lake View High School students and staff.  However, for the Travelers Club, sponsored by Mr. Robert Godinez, Mr. Salvador Hernandez, and Ms. Maria Ramirez, it's a time to change their scenery. Thirty-nine Lake View High School students and seven chaperones went to Italy and Spain over Spring Break 2017.  They spent four days in Rome, traveled across the Mediterranean by ferry to Barcelona, stopped for lunch in Zaragoza, and ended with a final stop in Madrid.  Along the way, students visited the Vatican, Park Güell, and Spain's Royal Palace.

The goals of the Travelers Club is to enhance students' global awareness and outlook as citizens of the world.  As avid travelers themselves, Mr. Godinez and Mr. Hernandez, teachers in the World Language Department, collaborate with EF Tours so that the trips alternate between French and Spanish speaking countries.  Mr. Godinez is excited about giving students an opportunity to "refine communication skills in the target language."  This opportunity strengthens classroom learning activities and provides context for students to consider the value of multilingualism. 

Besides the chance to improve their language skills, the Travelers Club sponsors really want to spread the "travel bug."  And, it appears to be working!  The sponsors do not need to work as hard in their recruiting efforts.  They state that the spots fill up very quickly because students return enamored and revitalized.  This year's group of thirty-nine travelers was the largest to date.  Some students are repeat travelers who were on last year's trip.  Additionally, Ms. Ramirez has received communication from Lake View graduates, inspired by their travels, that are now planning year long study abroad programs through their respective universities. 

Although they just returned, the Travelers Club is already looking forward to their next trip during Winter Break to London and Paris.  

Deadline to register for London/Paris Winter Break Trip


Sunday, April 30, 2017


April 30th is the deadline to secure a spot on the Winter break trip. Imagine attending a theater performance and visiting the Buckingham Palace in London! Ascend to the top of the Eiffel Tower and take an art class in Paris! Ringing in the New Year in one of these two cities!? There are limited spots available - so register soon! The deadline to lock-in the current price is April 30th. To register and view more of the itinerary visit the website: 

(Earliest departure date would be Dec. 27

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