LVHS 2016-17 FFAM (Freshmen Family And Mentoring)

Now Recruiting For 2016-17 FFAM Peer Mentoring Program! | May 4, 2016

FFAM (Freshmen Family And Mentoring)

What is FFAM?

  • FFAM is a Leadership and Mentoring Program for senior level students designed to help new students transition to Lake View High School.
  • FFAM involves senior "peer leaders" who provide mentoring to all freshmen as they navigate their new H.O.M.E. at high school together.  

What does a FFAM Peer Leader do?

FFAM Peer Leader Responsibilities:
1. Check your e-mail on a regular basis.
2. Contact your freshmen (biweekly) via e-mail, phone call or social media.
3. Try to find an activity or sport that will interest your mentee.
4. Follow up with your mentee.
5. Keep them updated with current events.
6. Assist them with study habits and ideas.
7. Talk to them about study habits and peer pressure.
8. Seek staff support when confronted with uncomfortable situations with your mentee.
9. Attend training for Orientation.
10. Help facilitate freshmen Orientation.
11. Attend monthly meetings with mentees.
12. Check e-mails for agendas.
13. Assist with other school-wide events as needed.
14. Collaborate to create agendas
15. Attend biweekly meetings

How do I apply?

If you are interested in services as a peer mentor for the 2016-2017 school year, please click on the link below and omplete the online application.

The deadline to apply is Friday, May 20th.

Qualified applicants will be reviewed and screened by a team of staff, and the final selection of peer leaders will be made by June 10, 2016.

Please contact Ms. Carmen Baker ( Ms. Maria Jellissen ( with any questions 

All peer leaders must be available for a MANDATORY training to be held at Lake View High School.