LVHS Vans Custom Culture Team

March 15, 2015

Lake View High School students will be designing and decorating four pairs of Vans shoes over the next 3 weeks. The Vans Custom Culture Competition is a national contest to see which high schools can create the most hip, artistic and fresh designs that represents a theme of their choosing. There are four sub-categories that each shoe will represent within the larger theme: Local Flavor, Vans Sports (bikes and boards), Music and Art. Our team is currently narrowing down it's theme selection and will begin designing this week! 

What's in it for us? Well besides the cool experience of having 4 blank pairs of Vans shoes to design, students are also competing for the Grand Prize of 50k to be donated to the LVHS Visual Arts Department. Students from all around the country submit photographs of their work, which is then judged and ranked into the top 10 of each 5 regions. If we make it, LVHS will be included in the public internet vote, which selects the top 5 schools that will be flown to New York City for the Grand Prize Winner selection.

And of course...these amazing young artists will be demonstrating college and career readiness skills by applying their technical art talents, conceptual designing abilities and perhaps the most difficult task: collaborative decision making in a project-based, real-life experience.  

Important Dates to Remember:

  • April 6th: Photographs of decorated shoes uploaded to Vans Website                                                                             April 24th-May 11th: Online Public Voting: WE NEED YOU LVHS students, staff, parents and community!                      

We will keep you updated! Please come back and check out our Visual Arts Department News Feed each week to see what theme we have decided on!