Lake View Wildcats to Study Abroad

March 20, 2017

Travel Abroad Students: Jasmin and Cindy.  (Oswaldo not pictured.)

Travel Abroad Students: Jasmin and Cindy. (Oswaldo not pictured.)

Three Lake View High School students will be packing their bags to study abroad this summer and we can't wait to hear all about their travels when they come back home!  Cindy Castellanos (9th grade), Jasmin Castellanos (10th grade), and Oswaldo Garcia (9th grade) applied to Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) summer sessions in the Language and Culture program.  After a competitive application process, these three students were offered full scholarships to the country of their choice. Cindy is going to Toulouse, France. Jasmin is going to to Rennes, France. and Oswaldo is going to Berlin, Germany.  

Each student has his/her life goals to which this experience is connected.  Cindy is an aspiring DJ.  She is interested in exposure to different types of music and is planning to spend her time in Toulouse enhancing her appreciation.  Jasmin hopes to be become fluent in French; this will serve her well in her future travel plans.  She wants a career in humanitarian and human rights work.  Jasmin feels tuned-in to many global issues through her AP World History and is inspired to dedicate her career to helping people.  Oswaldo's career goals are in the field of medicine. He also has a passion for soccer and plays for the LV Boys Soccer team.  He plans to take advantage of his time in Berlin, Germany to improve his style and technique as a soccer player by learning a different perspective and being immersed in a culture that highly values his favorite sport.

In France and Germany, our students are looking forward to engaging with new people who live a different day-to-day life and bring back a unique cultural awareness to share with our student body.  Jasmin adds that "being away from home, for a month, will make you more responsible" and she is excited for the self-discovery upon which she is about to embark.  LVHS is very dedicated to providing our students with a wide range of learning opportunities for the real world.  Through collaboration with organizations like CIEE, our students are expanding their horizons and becoming curious and capable citizens of the world.