Lake Views Open House

c/Sgt Joceline Bahena c/SFC Maven Hudson | October 29, 2016

On  Saturday October 29th, 2016 Lake View High School held an Open House in which some our Army JROTC Cadets participated, here are the cadets who participated:

-Maria Quintero        -Aracely Quintero

-Maria Robledo         -Brian Calle

-Michael Pham         -Jackie Perez

-Jesus Enriquez       -Jose Vasquez

-Erik Guinanzaca      -Jessica Tello

-Harmony Lawson     -Ismael Ramirez

-Ramiro Rodriguez    -Nereida Carmona

-Damien Peterson

Thank You to SGM Halling for supporting the cadets who volunteered at the Lake View Open House!