NCWIT Acknowledges LV Student

January 13, 2017

Maria Solis, Technovation & Tech Crew Member, was awarded the 2017 National Honorable Mention of the National Center for Women in Technology (NCWIT) Award for Aspirations in Computing.  Out of 3,500+ applicants, the NCWIT recognized 350 young women and ranked Maria as the top 10% of all applicants in the nation.  

Because Lake View High Schools stands with the emphasis the White House has put on increasing engagement of young women to STEM fields, all incoming freshman are registered for an Introduction to Computer Science course.   Students can choose to continue taking Computer Science courses for all four years at LVHS.  

Maria is one of our many students that has decided to stay with the Computer Science course sequence.  Maria's initial interest in computer science was based on a need to repair her family's computer that broke at the same time she was registering at Lake View as a freshman.  She was happy to be in a Computer Science course to learn more about how they work. Maria says she made taking computer science courses a priority. In her words, "I know I need this.  No matter what my career field is, I know this will be useful."  Maria is considering a field in computer science or in the medical field.  However, she is most intrigued in the places these two subjects overlap.  For example, she has learned about 3D bioprinting which benefits medicine through computer-aided printing used to improve organ health.

 Lake View High School is confident that Maria will continue to soar and see enhanced possibilities as a result of her experiences with computer science.  We stay committed to engaging all students, both young men and young women, with a STEM education that will help them achieve their career and life goals.