ODLSS Get Connected Day March 2

March 2, 2016

Event Overview: Students and families will have the opportunity to obtain support with applying for state/federal benefits and other various disability services and programs. The goal is for students and families to leave our event connected! • GET A STATE ID -- The DMV Mobile Unit will be present to assist students with disabilities in obtaining a state ID • REGISTER FOR PUNS -- Students/families will be able to register for PUNS (Prioritization of Urgency for Need for Services) via an intake with the Community Service Options or Community Alternatives Unlimited Intake Coordinators • SIGN UP FOR RECREATIONAL SUMMER PROGRAMS -- The Chicago Park District will be present to assist students and families with applying for summer programs • COMPLETE THE DRS REFERRAL PACKET -- Assistance with completing the CPSDivision of Rehabilitation Services (DRS) referral packet will be provided. • ODLSS TRAVEL TRAINING – Students/families can receive information on the CPS Travel Training services and can complete an application for services. • OBTAIN THE FREE RIDE AND/OR RIDE FREE PERMIT – The RTA and ODLSS Travel Trainers will assist with completing the Reduced Fare Card application • AFFORDABLE CARE ACT!! -- EL Valor will provide assistance applying for the affordable Care Act (health insurance) • SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION (SSA) DISABILITY BENEFITS – SSA representatives will be present to discuss federal disability benefit programs • ONE SUMMER CHICAGO (OSC) – The ODLSS Transition Team will provide information on OSC (i.e., application, employment opportunities, etc.)