Partnership Summit

February 15, 2017

Lake View High School has been working with many knowledgeable and generous organizations that partner with us to bring wonderful opportunities to our students.  Each organization brings their own educational and community building experience to LVHS; in this way, it helps us serve the diverse interests of our student body.  Recently, Lake View held a Partnership Summit to inform them of the great things happening at LVHS, explain the vision for our continuous school improvement, and begin a conversation among partners about ways to advance our collaborative efforts.  The partners at the summit were: Deloitte, DePaul University, Grow Community, Local School Council, LVHS Partners, CPS Network 2, Wright College, and Northwestern University (they are our newest partner - read about it HERE)

Partner organizations heard from a student panel that described how Lake View has enhanced their education and how the opportunities they received here have helped them in planning for the future.  Our partners then brainstormed to find ways in which their skills and resources could overlap and strengthen each other’s areas of focus on our Continuous Improvement Work Plan. Areas under discussion included but were not limited to: critical thinking skills, postsecondary transition, and technology integration.

Lake View is the center of a true learning community that broadens its space every day with new members.  As in all thriving communities, everyone has a voice and plays a role.  These conversations make our community stronger because all members have interwoven roles through collaboration. We are grateful for our partners that give their time and resources to enrich the lives and academic experiences of our students.