Rush University Medical Center

c/SSG Jessica Wilczewska | October 30, 2015

On October 30th, c/SSG Jessica Wilczewska was selected to participate in cadet surgeon general training. There she learned about first aid safety precautions and how to treat different injuries such as abrasions, provide insulin, and burns. She also learned how to provide CPR and use an AED for all ages in case of heart attacks, those in shock, or even having a seizure. After the training she had all different sorts of medical personnel talk about their jobs and the ups and downs of what they went through to get where they are now. Later that day she had a graduation where she was presented with a First Aid certification allowing to give medical help for those in need, which is good for two years.  

                        " Overall, I thought it was a great experience because i learned about all the different types of ways i can help people in serious emergencies. I would recommend this to other cadets considering the medical field because it was an interesting and educational experience and it will help them in their future careers." 

                                                                                                         c/SSG Jessica Wilczewska