Teen Panel Encourages Students to Continue Spreading a Message of Love and Gratitude

February 12, 2016

The Teen Panel at Lake View High School is sponsored by a non-profit organization, Erika’s Lighthouse, whose mission is to raise awareness about depression in teens, and ways to cultivate positive mental health.  The Teen Panel works toward these goals in our Lake View High School community.  Because we know that loving regard for oneself and others fosters well-being and a sense of fellowship, the Teen Panel wanted to use this Valentine’s Day to recognize and celebrate the uniqueness and specialness of each student by making Valentines for them that included a positive quote and a treat.  Each Valentine also includes a social media challenge, originating with Erika’s Lighthouse, which encourages students to continue spreading a message of love and gratitude by making Facebook posts acknowledging specific people that have built them up and made a difference in their lives.  The idea is to create a ripple effect: we start with loving ourselves and then extend that love to others.  The hope is that students’ hearts will be touched and they will feel moved to touch the hearts of others within our school community and beyond.  The Panel also wants to give a shout out to David Levine of Illinois Nut and Candy who provided the lollipops at a reduced rate making this project possible.