Visual Art Students at the Ravenswood ArtWalk

October 7, 2014


Through rain, wind and sunshine, collaborative art was created last weekend during the annual Ravenswood ArtWalk along the brown-line corridor at Berteau street. LVHS students, with the guidance of ArtReach instructor Gwyneth Anderson, made cartoon drawings using the surrealistic art game of exquisite corpses. The drawings are created by folding paper into thirds and having each person draw a head, then students switch papers and without looking at the previous artist's work, add on to it with a torso, switch again and complete with the feet. The result is a wildly fantastical creature that was created by 3 separate people.

The mini-monsters were then enlarged onto giant sheets of newsprint and wheat-pasted onto a donated wall at the corner of Ravenswood and Berteau. What is wheat-paste you ask? It is a low-tech way of pasting work onto a surface temporarily; it is often used by street artists like Swoon and Shepard Fairey to post their artwork without damaging a public surface.

During our day of actual sun, LVHS students continued to wheat-paste their drawings and encouraged community interaction by asking people to add color to the work with tempera paint and chalk. The experience and culmination of this project can be seen in the whimsy of the artwork and the smiles on the faces of all involved. Check out the online gallery of photographs.