A New LV Weight Room - The Wait Is Over!

Cubs Charities helps us get our H.O.M.E Renovations Projects started! | March 6, 2017

As you may have heard, Lake View, the first high school built in Illinois, is getting several facilities upgrades in the near future.  The renovations to the weight room have been recently completed and we are thrilled with the results!

The Loomos family has supported the weight room for many years.  Over the years, it has been well utilized by our Physical Education Department and our sports teams causing normal wear and tear.  On March 7th, Steven Romo, Athletic Director at Lake View High School, held a celebration to kick off the newly outfitted weight room with BSN Sports equipment.  The Physical Education Department and Cubs Charity made possible the addition of: all new flooring, eight new barbells, nine new benches, two new sets of dumbbells, and new weight racks.  

During the school day, physical education classes use the weight room teaching proper lifting skills as part of their curriculum.  We also have a robust extra-curricular program; sports teams use the space for conditioning and for team building.  Romo says, "This has become a community space for health and fitness.  With over 65% of our student body involved in a club or sport, students have really taken to the space to come together, increase school spirit, and accomplish team goals."  

We greatly appreciate the support of the Chicago Cubs!  As we launch into capital improvement projects, the student excitement is palpable.  We are all looking forward to the future of Lake View.