Western Illinois Guest Speakers

November 24, 2015

On November 23, Lake View’s College Bound club hosted 8 undergraduate students from Western Illinois University. The WIU students presented an overview of what the campus has to offer any student that enrolls at their institution. The speakers were all at different points in their college career, ranging from sophomores to seniors ready to graduate from their program. The day’s workshop was a carousel activity in which our Lake View students formed 8 groups and met with each speaker for 3-4 minutes with the opportunity to ask any questions they had in regards to WIU and/or college life. The feedback from students was excellent, as they felt that they learned new information.

“I feel that I learned many interesting facts about college life that I had not realized beforehand. It was intriguing to talk with current college students one-on-one, as this experience gave me the opportunity to make this experience personal.”

–Anthony Velazquez, freshman 


Thanks to those that attended!

-Mr. Godínez & Ms. Howell