Youth Ideas Hack: Ryan Varallo

December 15, 2015

Ryan Varallo was part of the 3rd place team at Youth Ideas Hack on Dec 12th, an event organized by MIKVA Challenge's Mayoral Youth Commission. Adults and youth gathered "to develop, create, play and finally pitch youth-driven solutions to community issues." College students presented app ideas and participants selected which app pitch they were going to support and help. The newly formed teams then brainstormed necessary functionalities, created storyboards of use cases, considered marketing ideas and delivered a presentation on their ideas. Ryan was part of a team supporting an idea called HotlineBeat, an app meant to help community members request direct help from specific local officers.  Ryan, a LVHS senior, was part of a team that included a freshmen from another school new to Chicago, recent college grad and a current college student. Ryan enjoyed the event because it was a setting where idea sharing was encouraged via multiple activities with end goal of creating a digital product.