Extensive LVHS Capital Improvements Kick off the 2015 School Year

Extensive LVHS Capital Improvements Kick off the 2015 School Year

A large-scale capital effort was a welcome surprise for Lake View High School (LVHS) students earlier this month - including the renovation of dozens of classrooms and the Counseling Center, remodeled public and faculty spaces, a new College & Career Lab, and a fresh look to the new “Wildcat Room.”

“We worked on securing these improvements over the last year,” said Principal Scott Grens, “These renovations will have a tremendously positive impact on our students and teachers this year and beyond.”

Principal Grens walked parents through the upgraded spaces as he listed the academic benefits the school-wide renovations would deliver for students and families. His tour included the Wildcat Room, a multi-purpose room generously renovated by the Chicago Cubs to host university speakers, the STEM Challenge, and other events for students.

“These upgrades across the school are sending a positive and powerful signal to LVHS students, faculty, and community. The real investment corrects misperceptions of LVHS and aligns with the huge increase in parent and community involvement we’re experiencing,” says Grens.

“Among all of the updates, I’m particularly excited by the build-out of our College & Career Lab,” Grens continued. “One of our primary goals is to ensure that LVHS students matriculate to the universities that best suit their visions and dreams – in other words, their 'match school'."

To make this vision a reality, each LVHS senior’s goal will be to complete six university applications as part of their Senior Contract. "Individualized college support requires the right people, resources, and environment," said Grens. "This year, I’m proud to say, we’re better positioned than ever to support our students.”