Proud of our past…

In 1873 the citizens of Lake View Township voted to establish a High School. Built on land donated by the Graceland Cemetery Company, Lake View High School was constructed at a cost of $16,000 and opened its doors to 73 students on May 4th, 1874.

After a massive fire nearly destroyed the entire building in 1885, Lake View reopened in 1886, with a new four-story addition.


In 1916 a new five-story building was erected and in 1939 another section was added.



Committed to our present…

Today Lake View High School encompasses 77,000-square feet, spanning a full-city block.  In 2018 LVHS completed of a $27 million renovation project, which helped to preserve its beautiful, 19th-century architectural exterior while modernizing interior areas such as the cafeteria,  gymnasium and hallways, and adding features like a new turf athletic field and innovation lab.

In Lake View’s early years, students began the day with morning exercises and were offered a comprehensive curriculum that could be completed in three years. While “morning exercises” have been replaced by physical education classes and graduation is a four-year undertaking, today’s students benefit from a robust, STEM-focused curriculum and a multitude of extracurricular offerings.

Poised for our future…

From the moment they walk through our doors, students are encouraged to contribute to Lake View’s spirit and to make their mark in meaningful ways. We provide an empowering environment where individualism and collaboration co-exist, in order to ensure that our students look back on their Lake View experience with pride and progress forward in miraculous ways.

Core Values



Honorfor self, school, and society

Ownership…of learning and leading

Mastery…of skills and growth

Education…for the future


Motto: Ad astra per aspera: To the stars through challenges.