Advanced Placement Courses

  • AP 2-D Design - Ms. Sanford-Garcia
  • AP Biology - Ms. Marcus
  • AP Calculus (AB) - Mr. Richter
  • AP Calculus (BC) - Mr. Lakin
  • AP Music Theory - Ms. Merelos
  • AP Chemistry - Mr. Cram
  • AP Physics - Ms. Simon
  • AP Psychology - Ms. Proni & Ms. Hu
  • AP English Language and Composition - Mr. Fusco 
  • AP English Literature and Composition - Ms. Frate
  • AP Spanish Language - Mr. Hernandez 
  • AP Spanish Literature - Mr. Hernandez 
  • AP Statistics - Mr. Vega 
  • AP Studio Art: Drawing - Ms. Finley 
  • AP World History - Ms. Darnell 
  • AP U.S. History - Mr. Roberts 

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All AP classes require approval as well as a parent/student/teacher/administration contract that is signed prior to registration. The student will take AP exam in May for every AP class in the schedule.  Before graduation, it is important to obtain an official score report from the Collegeboard and send the AP scores to the college. The college will inform the student if any credits will be granted depending on the scores received, and what AP coursework that particular college accepts. The score ranges from 1 to 5. Some colleges will give the students a semester credit (3 semester hours of credit) for a score of 3. However, in order to receive a year of credit (6 semester hours), the student needs to receive a score of a 4 or 5. Students who do not take the AP exam are not eligible to receive college credits for the class. 

*Note: All students enrolled in an Advanced Placement course at LVHS are expected to complete the course and take the AP exam.

AP exam schedules: