Attendance Office

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Every student is expected to attend all of his/her classes every day. Regular attendance and promptness is expected. It should be understood that absences whether excused or unexcused may have a negative impact on the class grade. Successful students are seldom absent or tardy. If students have irregular attendance, it will affect their class performance, interest in school and ability to keep up with requirement for receiving credit in a given subject.

The following are acceptable causes of absence(s):

  • Illness
  • Death in the immediate Family
  • Family Emergency
  • Observation of Religious Holidays
  • Other situations beyond the control of the student as determined by principal or principal's designee

When it becomes necessary for a student to be absent from school, it is the responsibility of the parent to notify the Attendance Office before 11:00 a.m. at 773-534-5440 x45436. Upon the student's return to school, a note from the parent explaining the cause of absence is required, date of absence and student's name and division clearly marked.

What you should know!

An "unexcused absence"  (AUX) us referred to as a "truant absence"


You will be mailed a "5 Day Letter" and "10 Day Letter" by certified mail after your child has accumulated five and ten truant absences, respectively.
After a child's 18th truancy, the student will be deemed a "chronic truant" and the student and parent(s) will be expected to work with the school to set up a student attendance/truancy plan.


Tardiness is not acceptable because it disrupts class, hurts the morale of students who are on time, creates disruptive problems in the corridors. STUDENTS THAT ARE TARDY TO SCHOOL AFTER 1ST PERIOD ARE TO REPORT TO THE ATTENDANCE OFFICE FOR A TARDY ADMIT BEFORE REPORTING TO CLASS. The tardy admit is NOT an excuse for being tardy. Students who are tardy to schol and need to hang up their coat should go to their locker before reporting to class. Students who are tardy to class report directly to their classroom. Students found loitering in the halls are subject to disciplinary action.

Early Arrivals/ Early Dismissal

Students are encouraged to plan on early arrival at school to get off to a good start of the day. Students who arrive before the start of their school day may wait outside to meet with their friends, or they may choose to go to our lunchroom where they can have breakfast and study. Student who need to gain access to the building before the start of the regular school day must have a pass or special I.D. from their teacher/sponsor granting permission to enter the school early. If a student becomes ill or needs to leave school because of an emergency, they must report to the Attendance Office for an early dismissal.

Chicago Public School policy requires a parent/guardian to be called to come to school to pick up the student in order for the student released from school. A telephone number where a parent/guardian can be reached in case of an emergency is necessary.