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Objective / Mission 

LVHS Student Ambassadors foster connection and pride in LVHS.  These student leaders work collaboratively to encourage a safe, peaceful school climate where students thrive both academically and socially. LVHS Ambassadors serve as representatives and tour guides for most school events such as Orientation, Curriculum Night, Report Card Pick Up Day, etc.  Ambassadors also meet weekly to team build, plan and problem solve.  As an LVHS Ambassador, students will develop skills in leadership, accountability, responsibility, collaboration, decision making, risk taking and critical and creative problem solving.

Club Sponsor(s):

Ms. Jellissen

Sponsor Email Address:

Meeting Day(s):


Meeting Time:

7:00 am

Meeting Frequency:


Meeting Location:

Room 229 and Room 112

Club Application Process:

Recruitment occurs in the second semester.  Application needs to be completed.