Sexualities and Genders Alliance

"To promote leadership skills"


S.A.G.A. is a group which provides students with a place to meet and talk about various personal, school, home, and community issues. The group also gives gay, lesbian, bisexual, questioning, and heterosexual students a safe place to discuss their feelings and fears related to sexual orientation. The group aims to help reduce anti-gay violence, harassment, and discrimination by education the school community and by encouraging a greater degree of understanding from students and school personnel. S.A.G.A. will also work to help change the climate of the school in a way that encourages greater diversity and makes it a safer place for all students. S.A.G.A. strives to empower youth to be leaders in addressing and acting on issues of equality.
We are also a social club that likes to hang out, talk, eat, have fun, and plan outings in the community.

Tues. 3:45 - 4:45
Room 313

Student Leaders
President - Tiyamika Williams
Vice President - Chris Williams
Treasurer -  Hailey Millecker
Secretary - Novek Gomez

Faculty Sponsors
Mr Brian Butterfield
Ms. Karen Krausen