Wildcats, Posse Winners, and Brothers

Wildcats, Posse Winners, and Brothers

Raúl and Iván have a lot in common.  Both are Lake View High School students, both are Posse winners, both are attending Middlebury College, and, they are brothers.  

Raúl Terrones graduated from LVHS in 2013.  He was selected as a Posse winner,  a full-tuition, four year scholarship to attend Middlebury College after three rounds of interviews.  Raúl has been flourishing at Middlebury with many opportunities for learning including a study abroad program in Chile.  He is graduating May 2017.

In September 2017, Iván will be starting his bachelor's degree at Middlebury College; also under a four year, full-tuition Posse Scholarship.  Ivan was identified by a teacher at LVHS as a candidate for the Posse Scholarship.  In the summer of 2016, he attended Posse Summer Bootcamp at LV.  His hard work paid off when, after three rounds of interviews, he received the call that he, too, would be invited to attend Middlebury College as a Posse Winner.

As Iván follows in his brother's footsteps, Raúl's advice was that, because Middlebury is far from home, he needs to "keep the game strong" and to use all the resources available, such as professors and librarians, achieve that.  

In the picture that accompanies this story, you see two, very supportive people: Ms. Erin Kitson, College and Career Coach that worked closely with both young men, and Mr. Terrones, Raúl and Iván's dad.  For Mr. Terrones, his dream has been that his children would receive an education necessary for a career.  "Our dreams have become reality," he commented as he beamed with pride.  The family looks forward to the changes and opportunities this will bring.  Specifically, Raúl and Iván take on the responsibility of being role models for their two, younger sisters.    

The Lake View community is extremely happy for the family and is proud to call these Raúl and Iván Terrones Wildcats!