Take Standardized Tests

Most colleges and universities require candidates to submit scores from either the ACT or the SAT. Standardized testing is only part of all the information that represents you and your accomplishments.  

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Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test (PSAT) | NOT Practice

PSAT is:
Predictive - Provides students with a target for their growth and a sense of college readiness
Profitable - Provides students with access to valuable scholarships
Productive - Provides important information for teacher planning
Paramount - Provides our families with an indicator of our effectiveness as a school


Take advantage of the opportunities it Provides.


ACT (American College Testing Program)
The ACT is a five-part test with sections on English (grammar), Math, Reading, Science reasoning. Nearly all schools will accept either the ACT or the SAT. You will take the ACT as part of the Prairie State Achievement Exam in your Junior year. You may take it again if you want. Scores are never averaged.

This is a three-part test administered by the College Board, that measures critical reading and mathematical reasoning, language usage and writing.

SAT I - ACT Score Comparison Chart

SAT Subject Tests
These are one-hour tests measuring knowledge and ability to apply that knowledge in specific content areas. Students may register for up to tree tests on one date. Some highly selective four-year colleges require three SAT subject tests.
The SAT subject tests are usually offered on the same days as the SAT, but you must check because there are exceptions. Tests are given in American history, European history, biology, chemistry, English Literature, mathematics level I, mathematics level II, physics, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Latin, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish. You should take a specific SAT subject test as soon after completing the course as possible.

AP (Advanced Placement Tests)
These are high school examinations based on the college level courses. AP exams are given once a year in May. The scores are primarily used for college placement, credit or advanced standing.

(Test of English as a Foreign Language)
The TOEFL, administered by the College Board, provides an alternative test for students who have been speaking English for less than five years. The test is used to evaluate the English proficiency of these students. Highly selective colleges may require students to submit SAT scores for the mathematics component along with the TOEFL.

Registering for the Tests
Registration packets for either the ACT or the SAT are located in room 112 or room 138. The registration packet includes the dates and locations for when tests are offered. Please be mindful of registration deadlines. Students need to register no later than a month prior to the scheduled test date.