Undocumented Students

What does it mean to be an Undocumented Student?

An undocumented student is defined as: "a student born abroad, anywhere outside the United States, who entered the country without inspection by an immigration officer or overstayed the length of his/her visa." It is important that all undocumented citizens understand their rights, and be aware of the resources available to them (click graphic below for more info).

What resources are available for Undocumented Students?Undocumented students are encouraged to reach out to their Counselor, College/Career Coach, or any other staff member that they trust for support, and are eligible for the same supports and services as all Lake View students. 

Please note: Chicago Public Schools are safe environments for students of all backgrounds, in that, all student information is kept private and confidential. This also applies to undocumented students and their families. The Lake View Counseling Team encourages students and their families to reach out to their designated Counselor with any questions or concerns.

Dreamers Club
The Dreamers Club is a club for all Undocumented students and allies. This is a safe space to discuss topics as they relate to topics of immigrant students and students of immigrant families, documented or undocumented. The club provides support for undocumented students in navigating the college process and seeking scholarship opportunities. All students are welcome. We meet on Tuesdays at 3:15-4:00 in Room 229.

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