Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteers enrich the lives of our Lake View students by broadening their learning experiences and giving them a sense of extended community.  Get involved at Lake View High School through a volunteer opportunity listed below.  

We value and appreciate all of your contributions! 

Volunteer Application and Approval Protocol

CPS Volunteer Website:

Required Links:

Lake View High School Volunteer Application: 

Chicago Public Schools Volunteer Application (for both Level I & Level 2):

Volunteer Levels

CPS designates two different levels of volunteer involvement and commitment.

Examples of Level I Volunteers:

  • Overnight field trip chaperones
  • Mentors
  • Tutors
  • Coaches
  • Non-supervised classroom assistants
  • Non-supervised field trip chaperones

Examples of Level II Volunteers

  • Day field trip chaperones
  • Assistants in schools with administrative duties
  • Other volunteer activities in contact with students while supervised by CPS staff member

Basic Process

1. Main contact teacher sends application links to prospective volunteer(s) (see links above).

  • Applicants MUST fill out both links for consideration.

2. Teachers send an email to Mr. Mendez with the following information:

  • Name of Volunteer
  • Purpose of application (presenter, virtual field trip, day trip, etc)

3. Mr. Mendez will monitor his systems and update this spreadsheet as volunteers apply and are approved through the system.

  • A status of ‘Submitted’, means the volunteer has submitted both the required applications, and are waiting for approval. Volunteers at this stage are not allowed to interact with students.
  • A status of ‘Approved’, means a background check has been completed and the volunteer is now approved for student interactions.

4. Mr. Mendez will email the teacher indicated on the Volunteer Application when their volunteer is moved to Approved status.