Senior Year College Timeline

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Fall (Sept-Nov)

  • Start your senior year by finalizing your college list
  • Apply to safety, match & reach schools
  • Visit prospective colleges and get a feel for the campuses.
  • Research your schools and find their EARLY ACTION deadlines.
  • These can be from mid-October to mid-November!
  • Request recommendation letters from teachers/counselors.
  • Retake the ACT. Deadline for December test is November 7th!
  • Finalize your personal statement; it's a crucial part of your application.
  • Fill out and complete your Common App or non-Common App online applications.
  • Make an appointment with your Counselor/College Coach to ensure your apps are complete.
  • Explore your prospective schools' financial aid requirements to plan your college budget.

Winter (Dec-Feb)

  • Finish all of your applications and meet your deadlines. (You need 3 done by 12/3!)
  • Schedule any college interviews to finish up the admissions process.
  • Begin collecting your Financial Aid info before Winter Break
  • Complete your FAFSA (Free Application For Federal Student Aid) by Feb 20th.
  • Continue to hunt and apply for SCHOLARSHIPS (all students must apply to a min. of 1).
  • Keep your grades up (some schools may ask for your 2nd semester grades)!

Spring (March-May)

  • Once you've received all of your responses from colleges, make your final decision by May 1st!
  • Look over your financial aid offer letters with your parents to see out which school will work for you.
  • Follow your last admissions checklist: Send your final transcripts to your college and meet housing deadlines.
  • Prepare for your AP exams and complete your AP Tests before summer.
  • Cross everything off your graduation checklist, GRADUATE, and rock on with your bad self!

Summer (June-Aug)

  • Make a list of everything you need to bring to college with you.
  • Plot your course for traveling to/from college and home.
  • Attend your college's summer orientation to get the lay of the land before school starts.
  • Apply for student housing and get matched with a great roommate.
  • There's no time to waste, begin preparing for your college coursework now.
  • Get ready for a new world of student organizations, on-campus living, and college life by learning more about what your school has to offer.


Please contact Mr. Biederman, our College/Career Coach Ms. Howell, or call the Lake View Counseling Office at 773-534-5457.

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