Sophomore Time Line

Fall (Sept.-Nov.)

  1. Your grades = Money!  Keep those grades up all year!  Your GPA is directly linked to your grades; the higher the GPA, the more options you will have for both scholarships and colleges.
  2. Work on the service learning hours.  See Ms. Mah in 332 after school for more information.
  3. Stay involved.  Consider joining another club or sport this year if you have not done so.

Winter (Dec.-Feb.)

  1. Create your resume this year.  Use the list of extracurricular activities, awards, distinctions to build your resume.
  2. Begin discussing colleges and requirements with your teachers and counselor.
  3. Begin identifying possible careers.  Is possible, interview someone in the field you are.
  4. Meet with your counselor to ensure you are on track to graduate.

Spring (March-May)

  1. Begin researching careers that might be a good fit with your interests and goals.
  2. Discuss Dual Credit courses if you are interested in taking one during your sophomore year.
    Summer (June-Aug.).  You will have to take the Compass test to see if you qualify for these courses.
  3. Plan to participate in summer enrichment programs this year.  See your counselor for more information.

Summer (June-Aug.)

  1. Schedule college visits over the summer with your parents.  This is a great time to take a road trip and visit campuses in Illinois or out of state.
  2. Work on service learning hours. Volunteer at not-for-profit organizations to complete your service learning hours.  Get involved in activities that interest you or let you explore career interests.