Dear CPS Families,

Thank you for choosing CPS and for taking an active role in your child’s education. Your continued support allows us to do our best so that together we may shape the next generation of thinkers, innovators and entrepreneurs to lead our city.

Today begins a new chapter at Chicago Public Schools, and we are honored and humbled to lead this District at a time when our students are showing so much promise and reaching new heights of academic success. Our students are improving because of your involvement and because our educators have dedicated their professional lives to helping children achieve their dreams. It is our mission to make sure that our budget challenges do not jeopardize their success.

We all understand the dire financial realities of this District. The way the state of Illinois funds education is broken. Our current fiscal crisis is the direct result of an unfair state pension system and decades of Springfield failing to prioritize public education funding.

We will continue to work with our partners in Springfield to resolve our fiscal challenges with a comprehensive, long-term solution. It will take the collective strength and ingenuity of families, educators and government leaders to overcome these challenges, but we are confident we can succeed.

No matter how great our fiscal challenges, your children’s education will be at the heart of what we do each day because every child from every community in Chicago deserves the opportunity for a great education.

Finally, as we look forward to the next school year, there is much work and preparation to be done.

We know that children who show up on time and prepared on the first day of school are more likely to perform better throughout the year, so we have launched a Back-to-School campaign to make sure that all children are in class when school begins on time, September 8. Important information about Back-to-School, including health forms and a calendar of events, is available at

We look forward to engaging with you about the important programs and initiatives that affect your children in the school year ahead. Please follow CPS on Twitter (@ChiPubSchools) and Facebook (, and look for periodic updates about District news later this summer. We’d also like your input on what CPS needs to improve and your suggestions for ways to do better. You can send your thoughts at this brief survey:


Forrest Claypool
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Janice Jackson
Chief Education Officer

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