Diverse Learners

At Lake View, the vision of the diverse learners team is that all students can achieve and become successful. We are committed to identifying and meeting the diverse needs of each student through individualized educational programming. We provide a full continuum of services. It is our mission to work cooperatively with families, students, community, colleagues, and other professionals in order to promote each student’s success and well-being as he/she prepares for future endeavors after graduation.

This commitment to our students includes:

  1. FOSTERING leadership and self-advocacy skills in each student.
  2. PROMOTING an educational environment where students with disabilities have equal access to educational opportunities and a community environment where all children are encouraged to reach their full potential.
  3. PROVIDING a network of communication for parents of students with disabilities to share information and concerns.
  4. DEVELOPING an on-going relationship within the community to encourage understanding, respect, acceptance and inclusion of students with disabilities.
  5. COLLABORATING with the school to continually improve the educational opportunities available in and out of Lake View that promote improved academic outcomes for students with disabilities.
  6. SUPPORTING and assisting all regular education teachers at Lake View High School with modifications to the curriculum and needs of the students with disabilities.

Youth Credo
This is a short film clip created by the Youth Summit in Virginia of students with disabilities. It depicts their philosophy through their perspective. This is the collaborative attitude embraced by the SPED teachers at Lake View High School.

"All students can learn and succeed, but not all on the same day in the same way."
William G. Spady

Feel free to stop in room 136 to say hi!

Mrs. Arroyo, Diverse Learners Health & Case Manager
Mr. Klopp (Special Assessment Coordinator) and Mr. Choi (LRE Coordinator)