Special Education Service Delivery Models

At Lake View, we are proud to have a strong special education department that prides itself on offering a wide array of settings for our students with disabilities. We are not on block scheduling and all students departmentalize as they change classrooms with each subject.  We are very flexible with the classes and support in order to meet the unique needs of our students.

The following is a list of the class types offered at Lake View.

    LRE Service Delivery Model: CON
    This is a GENERAL EDUCATION CLASS. The student’s service provider consults with the teacher on a quarterly basis to monitor progress and to assure the accommodations are being implemented. No genearal education classroom should have more than 30% students wtih disabilities.

    LRE Service Delivery Model: TT
    This is a GENERAL EDUCATION CLASS. The special education teacher is in the class co-teaching and working with the students on a daily basis. Since the class is co-taught with both a genearl and special education teacher, the number of students with disabilities can comprise up to 30% of the student body.  The class size of a TT class total is generally smaller than the general education class. 

    LRE Service Delivery Model: INS
    This is a SMALLER SEPARATE CLASS. The curriculum content with modifications is delivered by a special education teacher to a class consisting of a maximum of 15 students with a cross-categorical range of disabilies.  The class size can reach up to 17 if there is a paraprofessional present.

    Paraprofessionals, Peer Tutors and Resource periods are assigned as needed per the IEP to help the student be successful in class.

8th GRADE CASE MANAGERS: Click on the following attachment to help plan for the transition to 9th grade.