Computer Science



Choosing Computer Science does NOT mean you are going to sit in front of a computer taking chips apart all day. It DOES mean that you will have an amazing awareness of how computers can help you accomplish your dreams! Our goal is to help you develop higher order thinking skills, by exploring the field of computers, from a scientific, creative, expressive and real world approach so that you may become productive and successful in your chosen career or life path. Exploring computer science means that you might be that inventor that creates a new surgical device that changes the way cancer is extracted. It might mean that you are that citizen that develops a new app for your neighborhood to eliminate crime and violence.  Understanding computer science might mean you could be that artist that is part of the year’s most anticipated film.

Whether you love math or music, science or language, art or business you will become a better problem solver and you will have a better idea as to how to get that clunky computer to help you innovate and invent. Be part of a powerful growing generation of youth that are changing the old way of doing things, because you see the world as yours and computers as the tool that will let you take charge!
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