Destination Imagination Qualifiers!!

Destination Imagination Qualifiers!!

Saturday February 28 was the Regional Competition at Viking Middle School, in Gurnee IL, for Destination Imagination. Lake View was the first High School in the City of Chicago to compete in this competition and they performed well, considering it was their first appearance. Out of six competitive challenges they selected three: the Structural Challenge, the Technical Challenge and the Scientific Challenge. Each Challenge allows participants to develop on social and problem solving skills. This tournament provides the opportunity for students to celebrate their Science, Technology, Engineering, Artistic, and Mathematics (STEAM) skills in a creative, and competitive environment.

The Scientific Team Members were: Kevin Bautista, Nizar Benna, Raul Mendoza, and Gabriela Hursey. They came in first place with their twisted and modern version about Romero and Juliet. The Challenge required them to design and construct an incredible sound machine as they present a story with a slow narrative pace. The team showed off their musical talent, with Gabriela playing her ukulele, and Raul playing his guitar.  

The Structural Team Members were: Carla Plaza, Stephanie Vargas, Brenda Arellano, Gisel Gallegos, Gavin Ou, Oleh Leminshka, and Jia Jie Cao. They came in second place with their story and moveable scenes about Mario Brothers. The Challenge required them to design and build the lightest structure possible that continues to support the weight of the pressure board while parts of the structure are removed. In addition, they had to create a prop that transforms to tell a story and revealed to be something completely different.

The Technical Team Members were: Adem Alic, Maria Solis, Biruk Yigzaw, Larisa Aguilar, Benjamin Hernandez, and Busola Osundario. They came in second place with their "Gator Struck by Lightning" story.  The Challenge required them to build a creature that uses technical methods to perform real life actions. In addition, the team needed to showcase their strengths and talents; they chose to highlight the different languages they collectively know as they told the gator story of tragedy and survival.  

Tech Crew Members would like to give a special Thanks to Mrs. Foster for filling in for Ms. Franco who was unable to attend the competition.