Lake View Tech Crew Tech Fest Champs Again

Lake View Tech Crew Tech Fest Champs Again

Every student took home a trophy.

On Saturday April 25, at Prosser High School, the Lake View Tech Crew faced off against STEM Schools in a Technology Competition including the following challenges: Computer Building, Computer Networking and Robotics.

Lake View took three teams, one per grade level. Lake View came in 2nd place in the Computer Build Challenge, 1st in the Networking Challenge and 1st in the Robotics challenge.

The Computer Build Challenge required competitors to disassemble and re-assemble a computer verifying it would operate correctly once powered on.

The Computer Networking challenge required them to build a small office network per client specifications and create functional network cables.

For the Robotics Competition competitors had to program a robot to autonomously navigate through a maze, crossing milestones to collect points. In addition to programming competitors could modify the robot physically. Lake View was the only school whose robot finished the maze.

After combining all total points from the separate challenges, Lake View came on top as the 1st place overall winner, once again defending the championship for three years in a row.

Special thanks to all the dedicated students and the support of Ms. Franco, Mr. Starzyk, Mrs. Foster, Ms. Newton and Mr. Juarez.