The Science Department of Lake View High School provides a rigorous academic program to prepare students for college.  Students become scientifically literate through experimentation, problem solving, scientific inquiry, interdisciplinary projects, application of technology and critical thinking.

In addition to the CPS mandated requirements for graduation, Lake View offers several elective science courses that expose students to a variety of scientific studies and careers fields.  Students will have the opportunity to take classes such as Biotechnology, Engineering Design, Astronomy, Anatomy and Physiology, Forensic Science.  Highly motivated students may pursue Advanced Placement Chemistry, Advanced Placement Biology, Advanced Placement Environmental Science, Advanced Placement Physics.

Utilizing state of the art laboratory facilities and technology, students will be exposed to cutting edge applications of scientific concepts.  Engineering Design students will investigate and design wind turbines.  Biotechnology students will culture and engineer specific cells to display desired traits.  Forensic Science students will employ blood splatter analysis, ballistics techniques and determine time of death utilizing scientific principles.