Science News

To pick a topic for their Science Fair project, students use the critical thinking process.

Astronomy students use coding program to create a starscape.

Physics in Motion

April 8, 2016

Mouse Trap Cars

Congratulations to the following students for their advancement to the City-Wide Science Fair. 6 out of our 7 Lake View students have advanced! These students are now 6 out o...

Congratulations to Uzair Ahmed, Tania Zamora, Glenda Villalon, Benjamin Hernandez, Jaroslaw Kawa, Jose Aguilar, Jose Melchor, Edith Torres, Anthony Velasquez, and Angelo Obra...

Dr. Vyjayanti Joshi receives the 2015 NABT Ron Mardigian Biotechnology Teaching Award

Of the remaining 4 students, 2 students won silver medals for 2nd place and 2 won bronze medals for 3rd place.

National Chemistry Week

October 19, 2014

October 19th - 25th is National Chemistry Week!  The NCW 2014 theme is "The Sweet Side of Chemistry—Candy", showcasing the chemistry involved in candy and c...