Mrs. Joanne S. Yonan


Joanne Yonan started her career in agriculture research.  She evaluated dairy farms in upstate New York for excess fertilizer usage for the New York County Extension Service.  She continued on at Cornell University publishing studies in integrated pest management and her co-creation of a simulation model to forecast forage yields.   Returning home to her roots she worked in agri-business where she analyzed stocks and hedge positions for ABN AMRO in Chicago, Illinois.  After starting a family, Joanne changed careers obtaining her masters of education from DePaul in middle and high school science.  Currently, she is teaching at Lake View High School (LVHS) as a National Board Certified Teacher and she loves teaching and education evident from her ongoing pursuit of courses to perfect her craft, which currently is in  the area of Forensic Science.   Joanne sponsors the Conservation Club at LVHS.