World Languages Department

The World Language Department believes that students who acquire a second language or as in the case of our Lake View students a third language, will have the opportunity of communicating with people from another country at home and abroad and understanding a new culture.  Students who study their native language as a world language requirement will strengthen their language skills and benefit those around them in class and in the community with their knowledge.

The focus in the classroom is the development of the students' communicative competency in the four language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing as well as an increase  in their knowledge and awareness of the culture.  The continued emphasis on these developing skills will give students the ability to use the language in a variety of situations outside the classroom.

To meet the CPS graduation requirements students must take a two year sequence of one language .  Many colleges require or recommend two or more years of language for admission.

Students who are taking a second language for the first time in a high school  and who have had any formal study or who have acquired proficiency through exposure to the language must take a qualifying exam in that language and be placed at the appropriate level.  However, students will not receive credit for courses that precede the designated course of placement.

A student may start studying a world language as a freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior.

Placement in Honors and AP classes is based upon teacher recommendations.  Honors classes are offered in levels II, III, and IV.