Writing Center

New writing center coming Fall 2019!


What is a writing center?

Writing centers are spaces dedicated for students to receive help on their writing, which may be for any of their classes or for any purpose outside of school. In general, writing centers can take on a variety of formats. The Wildcat Writing Center at Lake View is staffed by trained student tutors who offer one-on-one support to all students at all levels in all grades. Our helpful tutors serve as coaches and collaborators that, through a variety of collaborative techniques, assist students in further developing their own writing. Because of the one-on-one format, students are able to receive individualized feedback and guidance that meets their specific needs. Ultimately, writing centers serve their schools and communities as places for discussion and development of everyone’s writing skills in a highly collaborative and supportive setting.

How to get involved

Apply here to be in the first-ever cohort of Writing Center Tutors at Lake View High School!

We are looking for students who:

  • Enjoy helping others

  • Are eager to learn and to lead

  • Want to be a part of something exciting and new at our school

  • Have an interest in writing (even if they’re stronger in other areas)

  • Have a positive attitude and an open mind

Mission Statement

The Wildcat Writing Center is a welcoming space for all Lake View High School students to receive guided feedback on their writing from knowledgeable and supportive peers in order to grow their writing skills and enhance their critical thinking.



  • To provide helpful guidance, coaching, and feedback to all students at all levels on their writing

  • To create a fun, academically-focused space for students to support one another with their writing across all classes and disciplines

  • To support an authentic culture around the writing process and collaboration for students and staff at Lake View High School

Apply to be a writing center tutor here! Deadline is Friday, March 22nd.

Important Upcoming Dates

Monday, March 4th: Application to be a writing center tutor opens

Monday, March 11th: Informational meeting for students interested in a tutoring position

Friday, March 22nd: Applications due

Friday, April 12th: New writing center tutors notified!


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